Education levels of those leaving prison average between the 8th and 12th grades.

Reading Between the Lines® is a simple but novel approach to re-entry. Our mission is to use discussion of literature to build critical thinking and communication skills with formerly and currently incarcerated women and men. This intellectual exchange nurtures self-confidence and collaboration, offering participants a chance for a different future.

Beginning as a pilot program at St. Leonard’s Ministries in September 2013 and expanding to Safer Foundation’s ATCs (Adult Transition Centers) on the city’s South and West sides, Reading Between the Lines® facilitates discussions 50 weeks per year for over 600 participants annually.

 What participants are saying:
·      “I was able to have a different opinion without arguing.”
·      “I can understand [how] to be focused.”
·      “I know if I don’t listen, I won’t make it.”
·      “I learned I could think outside the box.”
·      “I finished something; I’m grateful.”